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Vultures Valley Route

Data of interest of the route

The dear time to realise this route will be of half day (morning or afternoon), and will allow us know one of the *paratges more unknown of the Pallars Jussà, the zone of the Terreta, where will visit numerous populations splitting of the Bridge of Orrit and going through Sapeira, Espluga of Saw or Tower of Tamúrcia, to go back at the point of split to the Bridge of Orrit.

Description of de route

The itinerari initiates to the population of the Bridge of Orrit, situated between Catalonia and Aragon, of here will direct us to the town of Sapeira, where will find us with one of the colony of vultures more important of the zone.
We Will pursue to the Castellet, population that gives name to a spectacular rocky formation.

The route will continue directing to the Tower of Tamúrcia, population where have situated an oriel that will allow us have some glorious views of the colony of vultures of the zone and even observe any of the couples of trencalòs than it inhabita. Besides in this town is building of a museum devoted to the life of these animal as well as to the habits and traditions of the zone. Since this place will be able to see live through a monitor, to the vultures thanks to a camera of television installed recently.
The route will finalise when direct us to the zone of the Bridge of Orrit, near of the Orrit town, at present abandoned, but where can contemplate several mediaeval rests such as his ancient castle.