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Data of interest of the route

The lasted approximate of this itinerary will be of half day (morning or afternoon) allowing us know one of the most spectacular gorges of the Pyrenees: The gorge of Mount-rebei. Splitting on Guardia de Noguera, will go through Sant Esteve of the Sarga, La Mare de Déu de Fabregada and Alsamora, arriving in step of Mount-rebei place where the river Noguera Ribagorçana opens to the comarca of the Noguera through the most impressive gorge of the Pyrenees.

Description of de route

This route will allow us know one of the natural place better preserved of the Catalan prepyrinees, where will be able to see some populations that preserve still all the charm and the calm amd tranquilty before.
Highlight in this itinerari the central route that will realise walking and that passes for a path excavated to the rock that allow to cross the gorge of Mount-rebei, following the route of the river Noguera Ribagorçana, which will have always to our feet.
On the other hand during this walk also will have opportunity to see fowls scavenger, highlighting the vulture, the aufrany, and sometimes, the trencalòs. Also it is possible the observation of big eagles like the golden eagle or the eagle marcenca.