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Boumort Route

Data of interest of the route

Half a a day: mornig or afternoon. La Pobla de Segur – Pessonada – el Cap de Boumort – la Coma d’Orient – Claverol

Description of de route

Boumort route goes across one of the most wonderful settings in Pallars Jussà, Pallars Sobirà and Alt Urgell (Pyrenees), it was declared National Hunting Reserve and Area of Natural Interest.

This route you take to a very interesting area on the ecological point of view, with fantastic coniferous forests and an important quantity of deer. This means a great attraction to the visitors, who will be able to admire the way of life of these wild herbivore animals.

We recommend the visitors the Boumort route from half September to the end of October, when the deer are in their rutting season.

Another attractiveness on this route is the possibility to observe big scavenger birds, as vultures and bearded and Egyptian vultures. And if we are lucky, we can see grouses and chamois, lord of the most abrupt areas on these mountains.