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Rutes 4×4 Ignasi

Wellcome to Rutes 4×4 Ignasi

Rutes Ignasi is a company with more than twenty years of experience located in Tremp, capital of the Pallars Jussà (Lleida) region. This company, is regented for Judit and Albert, has as a objective offer to the visitor the possibility to know the natural wealths, historical artistic and cultural of the central Catalan Pyrinees.

Through a series of specifically ityneraris conceived will be able to access to the natural landscapes more beautiful and interesting, and will know the history of the zone since the period of the dinosaurs until the most recent times, clerk for the first human of the *neolític and for the prints left by the iberians, the Romans, or the populator of the average age.

Routes Ignasi offers 8 differents routes: 2 of complete day and 6 of half day. For more details, reservations and query of prices, contact with the telephone of information.

These ityneraris can adapt to the characteristic of each user, boys, adults of or third age, being very recommended for families or friends groups. In all the cases Ignasi’s experience will ensure us the success of the day.

We Will be able to guarantee to all our customers the observation of several animal species in his natural medium, as well as the visit to different monuments and in all the cases, the contemplation of some beautiful sigths.

We invite them to know the different routes that offer him and, in case that wish more information, can contact with us through the contact form where willingly will clear him any doubt.

A day in the hide, the great feast of the vultures

An unforgettable visual spectacle, an experience that will shake you in the hide, watching hundreds of vultures flying over you and later fighting fiercely to get the best part to eat.

This activity also includes deer watching.

Particularly appropriate activity to people who enjoys watching and taking photos.


Half a day:

Morning: 6.00 to 13.00

Afternoon: 15.30 to 21.30 


Boumort hunting reserve. 


255€ each vehicle (max. 6 people) 

Basic material

Comfortable clothes


Food and drink

Berrea ciervos y observacion buitres Lleida Taxi parcs naturals Lleida


Smuggler Route

Smuggler Route

This route has a lasted total of a day and will allow us know the regions of the Pallars Jussà and Pallars Sobirà, and finally arrive in Andorra, through the paths used in the past for the smugglers.

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Boumort Route

Boumort Route

This route has a lasted total of a day and will allow us know the regions of the Pallars Jussà and Pallars Sobirà, and finally arrive in Andorra, through the paths used in the past for the smugglers.

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Vulture Valley Route

Vulture Valley Route

The dear time to realise this route will be of half day (morning or afternoon), and will allow us know one of the *paratges more unknown of the Pallars Jussà, the zone of the Terreta, where will visit numerous populations splitting of the Bridge of Orrit .

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National Park

National Park

This route will have a lasted total of a day and us inside in one of the paratges natural more impressive of Catalonia: The National Park of Aigüestortes and Lake of Sant Maurici.

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The lasted approximate of this itinerary will be of half day (morning or afternoon) allowing us know one of the most spectacular gorges of the Pyrenees: The gorge of Mount-rebei.

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Dates of interest

That Rutes 4×4 Ignasi offer you…

The regions of the Pallars Jussà, the Pallars Sobirà and Alta Ribagorça offer to his visitors a wide range of landscapes and natural spaces that go of the high mountain, with his lacustrine river basine, to the landscapes of the prepyrinees, situated more to the south and where combines the mountain of orography very accidental, with the flat of the Conca of Tremp.

Besides all that that approaches to the zone will be able to know his people, always open and receptives, that showed him an own culture and very varied that offers all the year round different cultural demonstrations how the dance of the contrapàs of Tremp, that celebrates the day of Saint Antoni, or numerous fairs and greater parties where will be able to enjoy an escaped days and some fun nights of summer.

It is necessary to highlight also the big paleontological wealth and of monuments of the zone, important beds of dinosaurs, megalithic elements and to sand out Iberian and roman ruins. It highlights also the big quantity of romance elements, that will show us several religious and civil buildings, of big importance.

An element that without doubts will result a lot attractive, to all those, that appreciate the good cooking, is the typical gastronomy of the zone which, from own natural products, will offer us dishes as exquisite how the girella, the coca of samfaina, or the arrop, without forgetting the big variety of dishes elaborated to base of appropriate meat of the cattle ranch ecological and of autochthonous races such as the vaca bruna or the ovella xisqueta, that us delight so much only and combined with natural products as appreciated how the mushrooms (rovellons, fredolics or llanega)


 A day in the “hide” amb Rutes 4×4 Ignasi

Start of the festin in “hide” with Rutes 4×4 Ignasi

Flying over the “hide” with Rutes 4×4 Ignasi

Fight for food in the “hide” with Rutes 4×4 Ignasi

Discover nature with Rutes 4×4 Ignasi


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Contact with us

In case that wish more information, can contact with us through the address of e-mail trencalos1@gmail.com or phone to the 608 13 09 23 (Ignasi) or 626 46 68 16 (Judit) where willingly will clear him any doubt.

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